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Designing a once in a lifetime company birthday celebration
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eBay Spain
Print, Branding

Any birthday calls for a celebration; and when you’re celebrating 15 years of success and growth in a country, all the more. For the exclusive event, eBay gathered selected top sellers and partners for a day of networking and workshopping and sharing new tech and good news ― and capped it off with a fun-filled outdoor bash at the Palace of the Dukes of Pastrana in the heart of Madrid.
The graphic design challenge eBay Spain called on us to tackle was melding two distinctly different styles and color palettes into one event-specific look: the bright, bold new global brand identity spotlighted in the #FillYourCartWithColor campaign, and the simpler, professional tones of the company’s seller-focused eBay for Business brand.
With this unique event palette defined, we created banners, rollups, outdoor event signage and totems, as well as buttons, branded tote bags and corporate swag. And by the time breakout business sessions transformed into late-evening dancing and photobooth antics, it was clear that 15 years, and successful event design, were something to celebrate.
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