eBay eBay Seller Playbook

Creating a style guide for rolling out new brand guidelines across Europe
Project Details
Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Print, Copywriting

Rebranding, or a brand refresh, is a big deal for any company. It’s not only a question of leading a compelling and credible transformation of your identity, but also making sure that the new branding shines consistently in your marketing and messaging across all channels. And the challenges are only multiplied when the company is one as globe-spanning as ecommerce giant eBay.
When eBay decided to roll out its new branding for eBay for Business in Europe, they called on us to help them create a brand playbook. They wanted a tool to guide eBay’s marketing teams throughout Europe to communicate with the many millions of sellers, from entry-level to enterprise, that are the backbone of eBay’s business.
Eager to take up the challenge, we created  a series of model texts to helped eBay evolve the new tone of voice toward one that retained all of its freshness but spoke in the language of the Europe’s professional sellers.
Meanwhile our web design and web development teams worked to streamline email design and development by applying the new guidelines for colors, images and use of eBay’s proprietary Market Sans typeface to a range of customizable modules that are more flexible than templates, but much more efficient than reinventing the wheel each time.
The eBay Seller Playbook is a large, multi-team undertaking that is making the new branding easier to apply both consistently and creatively in terms of visuals, development and copy.