eBay Let's Grow Event

Designing a corporate event to bring partners together in the UK and Germany.
Project Details
eBay UK & eBay DE


eBay UK and eBay Germany wanted to gather a select group of key partners and top sellers in their respective markets for a day of workshops, sharing best practices and relationship building amidst the constant changes in the digital marketplace landscape. They came to us to create a branded identity for the event.



We developed the concept Let’s Grow: Thriving in a changing marketplace. It combines the expression let’s go with grow to suggest partnership and setting out on a new journey. The subtitle acknowledges the challenges of the present while pointing toward a brighter future for those strengthened by their partnerships.



The English-language logo and claim was used in both markets, and adapted to roll ups and fliers. We also designed meeting invitations, meeting agendas and PowerPoint presentations for each individual market.


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