eBay Venta Express Campaign

Promoting a service through visuals and improved user experience
Project Details
Ebay Spain
Web Design, Digital Communication, Development, Copywriting

In their efforts to give users even more tools to simplify the selling process, eBay Spain teamed up with international second-hand selling experts Cash Converters to create express sales service Venta Express. And they asked Moskito Design to help explain and promote the service through a dedicated campaign.
Our mission was to create the clearest, easiest experience for the user in both teaching about the service and encouraging sign-up. We created the concept of the butler “at your service”, and took a strong mobile-first approach to the design, layout and user experience (UX) to make it as easy and convenient as possible for users to sell wherever and whenever.
We created a dedicated landing page and linked it through an onsite banner campaign on the eBay.es homepage. In addition, we designed and developed newsletters for a promotional email campaign to spread the word.
Finally, we analyzed, reimagined and recreated the signup form to simplify the process and improve user experience.
Sometimes it pays to cut in the middleman, particularly when promoted by the right communication partner.