Sistema Bibliotecario dei Laghi Event posters

Poster highlights from 10 years of awareness-raising events
Project Details
Sistema Bibliotecario dei Laghi

The world’s going digital, and we’re helping to make it happen. But print and print design has always had a big place in our hearts, in our output, and in the visual communication needs of our clients.
For over a decade the Sistema Bibliotecario dei Laghi (Lakes Library System), based in Laveno, has been coming to us to create bold posters, prints, flyers and advertisements to publicize readings and awareness-raising events.
Styles and tastes change, but our mission remains constant. Create eye-catching visual communication, through line, shape and color, that stands out from the crowded wall. Inform and inspire the public to participate in these politically and culturally important events. It’s publicity as open dialogue between the people and the public entities that serve them.

Displaying just a few of the highlights from the last few years, these posters publicize an event to raise awareness about violence against women, a WWI commemoration event, a new book presentation, and the annual Fuori Chi Legge cultural and literary event.