Video Intelligence vi stories - The Perfect Match

A creative campaign and animated explainer video to communicate a complex new product
Project Details
Video Intelligence
Video, Concept, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Display Advertising, Web Design & Development, Packaging

Create a digital campaign for Zurich, Switzerland-based Video Intelligence to launch vi stories, a contextual video platform to help advertisers find an audience and publishers monetize content.

vi stories is a sophisticated product with two core audiences in an industry that can sometimes be perceived as mechanical. The campaign concept needed to speak to both audiences while counterbalancing industry perceptions with human warmth and creativity. From this was born the Perfect Match concept. Then we worked with video intelligence to develop the script and storyboard for the video campaign.

The animated explainer video was launched onsite and adapted for vi’s social media channels. For the campaign we also created animated display advertising and developed an HTML newsletter. We developed a follow up campaign for Valentine’s Day and onsite marketing for an Easter-themed promotion. Finally, we created stickers for vi-branded Swiss chocolate swag.

Get the full story from vi Head of Marketing Luc Benyon on how vi stories is helping publishers do video right.

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