Baby’s got a new pair of shoes

An upside down pair of women’s legs in hot pants with heeled dancing shoes

Baby’s got a new pair of shoes

Whether it’s the baby or the kids or the wife or the shoemaker himself, there are a dozen variations on the same proverbial idea: the shoemaker may hire out his splendid talent to others, but when it comes to shoeing his own, he’s absolute crap.

And while it’s true that building a business on putting our clients first sometimes means we overlook our own look, I’m here to announce that baby’s got a new pair of shoes. Welcome to the new Moskito Design website.

In this blog we love to uncover the whys behind our clients’ new websites, whether they’re for superyacht designers or leaders in the cake decoration sector, tech distributors or fresh pasta makers. Which is why I turned to Giulia Salvioni and Evelina Borghesan, co-founders and CEOs of Moskito Design, to find out the why behind our own.

First of all, why the new website?

Giulia: As the philosopher Heraclitus said, panta rhei: everything flows. And if we’re talking about visuals, everything flows a lot faster, especially when you’re so immersed in this professional world. But even if you change your look, what doesn’t change is what’s inside. And that’s exactly what we want to communicate in a way that’s more current and contemporary.

Evelina: A website is a company’s calling card, and an essential instrument for an agency like ours that handles communication. And because we’ve grown so much in the last two years we’ve also felt a strong need to refresh our image both online and offline.

I see David, Verdi, Bud Spencer and a whole lotta colors. What’s behind the visuals?

Evelina: We really went for bright, saturated colors. Giulia and I went back to our original passion for bright colors and working with the team we developed a rich, chromatic palette that draws on a variety of shades and gives a nod to current trends.

Giulia: Everything hinges on our slogan Every day beautiful. The iconography for the website incorporates our classical education, our love for art in all its forms and for Italy, the homeland of beautiful par excellence. The bright colors also represent our spirit: bright, bold and informal. We moved away from the Moskito shade of green we’d had since the beginning to highlight our own evolution into a multifaceted agency that truly thrives as a team.

How does copywriting help tell the Moskito story?

Giulia: The copy is our voice and today it’s more mature and self-aware, while still being fresh and direct. We know what we know, what are our strengths are, how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and the main reasons that inspire our clients to choose us day after day.

Evelina: When you create a website for yourself it’s a bit like looking deep inside yourself to get a better understanding of yourself. Moskito is a person that grows and transforms. That’s especially why we reimagined and redesigned the content structure. By putting our case histories front and center we wanted to make it clear right away why clients choose us.

What new services does Moskito offer?

Evelina: We can offer an ever more complete package and we know that if there’s something we’ve never done we can learn to do it, and do it well. That’s why we’ve decided to give a broad description of our capabilities, without too many categories and sub-categories.

Giulia: We’re still the same, but we change with the market and the changing needs of our clients. In other words, our “software” is constantly changing, but it’s our “hardware” – meaning the people and our talents – that remains the true guarantee.

There are a lot of faces on our site now. Where did they come from?

Giulia: We don’t like putting ourselves in the spotlight, but we do believe it’s time we put a face – or faces – on the agency. Mine and Evelina’s, as well as that of all the people who work with us. Because everyone who works here is talented, but also beautiful, and we’re proud to show our faces in what we do.

Evelina: We’ve always known how important people are for our business. And the more the group grows, the more it’s our strength as a team that makes the difference.

Now the blog has been integrated into website. Why is that?

Giulia: The blog is the voice of the agency and it just made sense to integrate it in the new site. Even though we share content created for the blog on social media, it’s important that somebody wanting to get to know us can come here to find it all in one place.

Kyle is a Copywriter and Content Manager at Moskito Design, part of the team since 2014. He got his start selling books door-to-door in America, taught English as a foreign language for years in Turkey, and translates from French and Italian. He loves telling stories and helping people and brands tell theirs.