Boosting brand awareness for Adventerra Games

Headshot of Federico Bossi, Brand Manager of Adventerra Games

Boosting brand awareness for Adventerra Games

There are a lot of ideas for fighting the climate emergency, but one of the best is also the simplest: educating tomorrow’s leaders. Adventerra Games is doing just that, with fun, engaging board games for children that focus on environmental themes. They recently came to us to help them mount an advertising campaign to help put their educational products into the hands of more of tomorrow’s decision makers. We contacted Adventerra Brand Manager Federico Bossi by email to help tell us about the games, the products, and the campaign.

Tell me about Adventerra Games – why are you so focused on environmental issues?

The idea for Adventerra Games came from our CEO Bryan Mundell, a former professor at Bocconi University in Milan. He’s always been a fan of board games, so much so that he started inventing them for simulations in the classroom to make the teaching of certain concepts more effective and easier. This, plus a strong love for nature and the environment, led him to create educational games for children. The goal has always been to teach the small daily behaviors that children should learn from an early age to respect the environment in which we live.

From there came the projects with schools, all the way up to the big sponsorships of companies and associations active in the field of environmental education.

Success in the classroom convinced Bryan to expand the business and to decide to create games for the retail market to allow the family to play Adventerra games as well.

The boxes of Adventerra boardgames standing in a line: Global Warning, Powerhaus and the Water Game.

Environmental education made in Switzerland: three games from the Adventerra collection.

Where do you think up these games?

The whole process of product development takes place in our office in Switzerland.

First we choose the topic and decide the target audience. Then our game designers define the game mechanics and from there we illustrate and realize the first prototypes in digital format. This is followed by a test phase carried out with teachers, educators and environmental experts. Once game playability and content is optimized we can move to production.

And the games are all made from sustainable materials too, right?

That’s right. Attention to the quality and sustainability of the materials is obviously important, which is why we produce our games in Europe, specifically in Germany and Poland.

A collage with 3 boys sitting on the floor, playing an Adverterra Game, and then one of the boys dressed as a superhero in front of white screen.

The three 15” videos featuring child-superheroes were launched on Youtube (pre-roll video) and Facebook.

Tell me about the campaign. Why did you decide to launch it and what were the objectives?

The campaign was designed to cover our most important period in terms of sales, from October to December, which goes from back to school to the Christmas season. It’s where our peak sales to the end user are concentrated.

Our objectives were to increase Adventerra’s brand awareness in the geographical markets where we’re already active and consequently try to boost sales both on our e-commerce channel and physical stores.

Why did you come to us?

We collaborated with you Moskito Design before and we were very satisfied. In 2018, in fact, you supported us in the creation of our company catalogue, exhibitors to be used in large-scale retail trade and other marketing material such as flyers and posters.

What pleasantly surprised us in collaborating with you was the ability to immediately understand the customer’s needs and therefore immediately propose the best solutions. Being able to speed up this phase of the process allowed us to save precious time!

Your proposals always show simple concepts, expressed in an intuitive and innovative way. You immediately notice the great process of thought and development behind every single proposal, and this is always appreciated!

Wow, thanks. So what was our role in this campaign?

For the marketing campaign we decided to entrust the entire process of conception, management and monitoring to you. This is also in order to have a point of view outside the company, which is always useful.

In addition to the design of the assets, we also appreciated your help for the live implementation of the various campaigns on the communication channels identified and the monitoring process once the campaign was in place. In this last phase, it was really useful to have continuous feedback exchanges to verify the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of results (i.e. sales).

Mobile phones showing Instagram posts with the children playing games.

The social media campaign targeted parents, educators and those interested in environmental issues.

What did you learn from this experience? How would you rate this success?

It was a really positive experience, because the collaboration with Moskito Design has allowed us to achieve our goals and our business has benefited both in terms of image (brand awareness) and profitability.

This experience has confirmed to us that relying on and collaborating with professionals in the sector allows us to achieve satisfactory results in a short time and at the same time has encouraged the professional growth of our own team.

What are your plans for the future?

We’ve got many! 2019 was a very important year for us because it made us realize that the interest in our games is growing strongly. This is partly due to the fact that environmental issues are becoming more and more topical at school, but not only.

We’re creating 10 new games right now, aimed at covering new environmental issues, such as melting ice or plastic in the oceans. And we’re also going to expand our target age range with games that start from as early as two years old.

Our biggest goal is to expand outside of Italy and Switzerland. All our new products will be designed to be played in different countries: the rules are very simple and will be translated into 13 languages. To help us with our expansion, we’ve set up a new Adventerra team in Boston, Massachusetts. We’ve started appearing at industry fairs and have even won prizes that will allow us to increase our brand awareness.

The last thing is that we’re strengthening partnerships with other companies. This means we’ll be dedicating more time to the creation of ad hoc games for partners interested in buying them to carry out projects with schools or to give them to employees and customers.

That’s ambition! Best of luck with the next stage of your growth.

Kyle is a Copywriter and Content Manager at Moskito Design, part of the team since 2014. He got his start selling books door-to-door in America, taught English as a foreign language for years in Turkey, and translates from French and Italian. He loves telling stories and helping people and brands tell theirs.