Brainstorming: the perfect storm (even remotely)

Brainstorming: the perfect storm (even remotely)

How we survived two-plus years of the pandemic thanks to online experiential training on how we work


How important is brainstorming?

Very. It not only generates ideas quickly and allows you to solve complex problems, it also creates enthusiasm and improves team collaboration.

All of which are very important goals at Moskito Design, where every day we try to balance professional quality and personal well-being.

Technology and training

This is even truer in the era of Covid, when we’ve been forced to rethink the ways we work and tools we use, while always maintaining the strength of our working relationships.

For this reason, we’ve invested in technology – from laptops to the IP switchboard, to tools for reserving places when working in the office – but also in training to help us be better organized, efficient and motivated.

A personalized journey

Our training journey started with listening and observing in the field. Moskito HR manager Elena conducted an analysis of how we work here in Moskito, and shared the specific needs she identified with Andrea Petromilli of Performando. And together they designed a training course tailored to our specific needs.

The goal was to create and systemize a method and acquire the necessary tools to strengthen our ability to use brainstorming effectively, even when working remotely.

The result was a journey of over 400 hours led by Andrea on Zoom, including theory, group exercises and forays into design thinking with Federica Tabone. All Moskito team members were involved, and the work led to the creation of 3 useful projects for present and future employees.

Diverge, converge

Brainstorming starts with the divergent thinking necessary to stimulate the free production of ideas – but it’s just the beginning. It’s essential that from this free association, ideas are chosen in terms of objectives and translated into something realistic and doable.

In many cases it can be productive to involve members of different teams, with different levels of seniority – to broaden perspectives, strengthen teams and improve the quality of the results.



Nothing without a PoC

The PoC – point of contact in agency-speak, but here also the brainstorming group facilitator – is an essential strategic figure as project manager and reference for both the client and the team involved.

Strong teams, right tools

The PoC’s main goal is to stimulate and enhance the team by putting everyone in the ideal condition to contribute. But it’s not just teamwork: the PoC can never forget that play and fun are an integral part of the creative process, and they should do their best to create such an environment.


It was a useful experience for managing the flow of ideas. It gave me good cues to better deal with discussions and meetings, both internally and with clients.

Lucia, graphic designer


This course helped us to understand how to put down on paper the ideas we have in our heads, including for creating more effective and impactful copy.

Alessandro, copywriter


The course was really interesting and was very useful for when I had to participate in a real brainstorming session for a pitch: I felt more fluent in expressing my opinion and my ideas to the group.

Ornella, marketing specialist

As the great artist and designer Bruno Munari said, “play is a serious matter”. Play needs rules and tools, and mind maps on Mural and interactive presentations with Mentimeter are just a couple of those that we added to our toolbox.

Silvia is a "content woman", as she loves to call herself, with over 20 years' experience writing for digital and print media, including online portals, fashion and tourism magazines, training and social media. Agency Director at Moskito since 2016, she leads the team of copywriters and translators.