Is your smoke as good as your roast?

Is your smoke as good as your roast?

Do clothes really make the man (or woman)? And should appearance count for more than substance? Well, even if we don’t go that far we can all agree that impactful business communication can help managers to sell their ideas better, and help the public to appreciate them.

Do you often create business presentations to communicate your message to a demanding – even critical – public? One who thinks they’ve already seen it all? Keep reading.

Putting together a presentation that really works isn’t child’s play: you need the skills to be able to develop the content right.


We can all write, right? But writing well is another story. And it’s a job best left to professionals. I may be the one writing this article, but I’ve still asked our copywriters to touch it up.

If you work in a multinational company, you’ll most likely have to translate your content into different languages and, here too, it’s fundamental to have the right partner. You don’t want a translator, you want a copywriter. A text localized by a copywriter who’s creatively at ease in their language will give your text a totally different flavor than the all-too-literal translations often produced by a translator.


Less is more, said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It’s a line that’s been used and abused, but it’s still the foundation of all successful communication.

Keep it simple. Here’s a basic but useful outline you can use to build a presentation. You should use:

  • 1 concept per slide
  • Bullet points
  • Bold and color to highlight keywords
  • Fewer words, more images/icons

I know what you’re thinking: I’m a marketing manager, not a graphic designer. And so? Then you should ask a creative agency to help.

Starting from your doc, whether it’s in Word or PowerPoint, the agency will know how to translate your text into a visually impactful presentation (that is if, like Moskito, they really know what they’re doing).

Because a good communication agency has a lot of tools at their disposal:

  • Software expertise
  • The ability to help your content create impact with incisive texts, bold visuals, and ordered layout
  • The use of infographics, the best way to simplify and leverage the most complex concepts
  • Selection of images that create impact
  • And finally, if your budget permits, the creation of mini-videos that can better capture the attention of your public.

Of course, business presentations aren’t the only case where a creative agency can make your communication more effective. On the contrary. For company profiles and brochures, descriptions of products or services on websites and landing pages, video briefs for external suppliers, press releases, articles and manuals.


To paraphrase an Italian expression, at Moskito Design we’ll make sure your smoke is a good as the roast. Try us and see!

Evelina is CEO and co-founder of Moskito Design.