Graphic Designer: We don’t want you!

Inside the Moskito Design office, team members work at rows of computers.

Graphic Designer: We don’t want you!

We’re looking for a Graphic and Digital Designer to join our team. Have you got what it takes?

You’re the best graphic designer in the world

And you’re absolutely sure of it. Your mom is, too. And you’re absolutely sure everybody else needs to know it. So you tell them. Frequently.

You’re a one-person show

Teams? Teams suck. You hate teams. You do your best work alone. You get your best ideas by yourself. You’re the only critic you need.

You’re thin-skinned

You don’t take criticism easily. In fact, it really pisses you off. So when someone criticizes you, you react. You get angry. You argue. And you don’t listen. And if, in the end, you do make the changes they ask for, you grumble and complain and make sure they know that what they’re asking is stupid, stupid, stupid.

You’re totally inflexible

Another round of revisions? Please. Last minute changes? Never. You are 100% dedicated to your artistic vision ― and getting it done in your timeline. You’re as solid as an oak in a thunderstorm: you’ll break before you bend for anyone.

You don’t ― and won’t ― explain yourself

Words are for copywriters, but your graphic design speaks for itself. That’s why you won’t write an email explaining why you’re applying for the job. Why you won’t suffer to explain your concept to a client. Why you won’t defend your ideas to your team leader. You work in images, not words, and if they don’t see how great yours are, that’s their problem.

You know you deserve all the credit

That’s right: all of it. Sure, maybe in your last job it was someone else executing that amazing print project for you ― but it was your idea. Or maybe it was just you executing a very specific brief. Maybe you played just a small role on a larger team effort. But you’re not going to mention any of that. It’s in your portfolio and you’re taking the credit.

You work at your own pace

Deadlines are for marketing people. But you’re a designer, and your ideas need time to gestate, to slowly ripen and finally take shape. The best work matures slowly, and you won’t rush yours. That means you’ll move at your leisurely pace ― no matter what the client wants.

You talk a big game

Because that’s what interviews are about, right? Just a silly formality ― and the winner’s the one who can brag their way through it. You’ll claim any talent, any skill, any competency just to get your foot in the door. Besides, even with a three-month trial period, they’ll never figure you out. Right?

Problem? It’s not your fault

In fact, nothing’s your fault. It’s the fault of all those placing demands on you: the boss, your manager, and worst of all, the client. Sure someone is at fault, and you’re quick to point out who. It’s just never you.

If that rings a bell…

If the above description rings a bell, then don’t bother ringing ours.

Because in 10 years we’ve grown person by person from 2 to over 40 people. And we’ve worked to find people who are not just talented and hard-working and promising graphic designers but also friendly and courteous and cooperative human beings.

We pride ourselves not just on the work we do but how we plan, produce and deliver it ― in a spirit of partnership with clients and colleagues.

And we’re always learning. We don’t claim to have everything down about running the best agency we can, but lots of great work and lots of hours with lots of new faces has certainly taught us a few things about who works best for this organization ― and who doesn’t.

So, graphic designer: is that you up there? Then let me be clear: we don’t want you.

If, however, that list above doesn’t describe you ― in fact, if it describes the opposite of someone like you, then you may just have some of the qualities we are looking for in a Graphic and Digital Designer.

And we’d love to hear from you.

Check out the job offer at the Work with us page on our site.

UPDATE: We’ve found just the right person for this position. Subscribe to the blog or follow us on social media to get further updates about people we’re looking for to join the team.

Kyle is a Copywriter and Content Manager at Moskito Design, part of the team since 2014. He got his start selling books door-to-door in America, taught English as a foreign language for years in Turkey, and translates from French and Italian. He loves telling stories and helping people and brands tell theirs.