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We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate people to join our team.

Open positions

Junior Graphic Designer Intern

We’re looking for a junior Graphic Designer to join our team for an internship, someone really looking to develop their skills in digital design.

As a candidate, you’ll have the basics, which means:

  • A degree from one of the leading design schools
  • Good skills with all the usual graphic design programs (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc.)

Please send us your portfolio with a curated selection of your best work so far!


In addition to the basics, you’re also:

  • At ease in English: you’ll have to use English every day for email, messaging and conference calls.
  • A crack communicator: you’re going to be working with teams of developers, copywriters and marketers both as colleagues and clients – people who might not think like you. But you know how to get your message across with humor, empathy and efficiency.
  • Super proactive: You’ll be working directly with our clients, which often means anticipating their needs and helping to articulate them. You see problems coming, and act to prevent them. You smell an opportunity and don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling.
  • On a quest for self-development: You want to get smarter, get better, and learn more about the world you’re working in. The agency only grows when our people do, and that means you too.

If you think you’re the one we’re looking for, apply below. Include a portfolio of your best work, your CV and letter telling us why you’d be a great fit for this job on this team.

    Attach CV

    Allowed file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx

    Maximum file size: 5Mb

    Front-end Developer Freelance

    We’re looking for a Front-end Developer Freelance (with a Partita IVA/independent business license) with 3+ years of experience.

    You’ll be involved in projects for the web and work in close contact with a friendly and supportive team of designers and developers in a young, stimulating and informal environment, with lots of opportunity for growth.

    Compensation will be discussed in the interview and commensurate with your experience.

    When you apply, please submit your CV and examples of your code.

    Required skills and experience:

    You have excellent knowledge of:

    • Html 4/5
    • CSS 2/3
    • Good knowledge of native Javascript with the most common frameworks (especially jQuery)
    • Good knowledge of English

    And if you’ve got knowledge of/experience with the following, even better:

    • PHP
    • SQL and experience with MySQL databases
    • WordPress


    You’re a supportive team member, and can both help and ask for help when it’s needed. You can work well with others both inside and outside the agency.
    You’re a problem solver, and you approach this task with curiosity, enthusiasm and constancy
    You’ve got a sharp eye for detail, and you can catch errors others might let slip by

    Want to know more? Check out our blog and About page to decide if you’d be the right candidate for this job on this team.

    How to apply

    Write us and tell us your story. Include your CV and a curated portfolio.

      Attach CV

      Allowed file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx

      Maximum file size: 5Mb

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