Mamì: a cake decoration brand fresh from the oven

Mamì: a cake decoration brand fresh from the oven

It’s not every day that an over-60 gives birth to a new baby, but that’s just what Modecor, the Cuvio (VA), Italy-based leader in the international cake decoration sector, did recently with their new cake decoration brand, Mamì.

Modecor came to us to help them design and develop the new Mamì brand website and curate the SEO – and I called up Modecor marketer and project manager Alessandra Sberna to ask her to tell me about it.

Fresh from the oven

Founded in 1960, Modecor is famous among professional bakeries and cake shops. “Our business is primarily B2B,” Alessandra told me. Now, combining their technical knowhow with a deep understanding of the market and what consumers want, the company has decided to apply its same quality standards to a line aimed at serious foodies – or anyone baking at home today.

“In central and southern Italy there’s still a strong tradition of home baking,” Alessandra told me. “Mothers buy what they need at party shops and make spectacular cakes for their loved ones for all sorts of occasions: their kids’ birthdays, dinner with friends or even simply for breakfast.”

Which is why Modecor was inspired to create a bespoke brand – Mamì – directly aimed the needs of today’s families.

“It’s not easy to make a brand from scratch,” Alessandra told me. “Today you have to a strong digital presence. A corporate website is a calling card for any brand, and even more important for a brand that’s trying to make a name for itself.”

The right ingredients for the Mamì brand website

For any corporate website design, layout, design and images all play a part; and for a company specialized in beautiful cake decoration, color is fundamental. “Many of the companies in our market are strongly identified by a specific color. Modecor’s dominant color is red, and to our B2B clients, bakers and pastry shops, here in Italy, we’re known as l’azienda della scatola rossa” – the red box company.

Market research led the company to choose blue as their dominant color. “A number of market players use packaging and product lines in these colors. We wanted to create a sense of continuity in the expectations of the final consumer.”

In terms of the site images, “the central idea to convey is one family,” said Alessandra. “Mamì is the mama of yesteryear, but also modern – and a friend and help when you need one.

When it came to developing the project, Modecor were fans of our proposal for bright fun images that really pop. No, really pop – thanks to an attention-grabbing animated hero banner.

The central challenge of developing the site was creating a way for the company to import their product data into the new WordPress site. The solution was an independent CMS that would allow them to pull data from the already expanding product line.

“Moskito Design is young, fresh and really knowledgeable,” Alessandra told me. “They had great ideas and solutions and were always quick to respond to any request we had.”

A baking brand on the rise: what’s next for Mamì

Mamì may be just a newborn on the cake decoration scene, but the brand will have plenty of milestones to celebrate in the months to come, including an expanded product line for their upcoming September catalog. On social media they’re just warming up, including a YouTube channel featuring how-to videos by spokeswoman Toni Brancatisano.

The Australian-born, Rome-based cake designer and TV star was chosen as a brand spokesperson and partner. “She really embodies the essence of Mamì,” says Alessandra. “Toni’s a mother of two in addition to being a passionate, professional chef. And she’s been a key ingredient in the cake design boom we’re experiencing.”

And the website, too, is set to expand its role as the central anchor point for the brand’s digital marketing activity: at Moskito Design we’re in the process of designing and developing the Mamì blog as a go-to point for news, product information, and baking tips.

No piece of cake

Modecor has no illusions that taking on this new market will be a piece of cake: “it’s a tough market with lots of competition aimed at the final consumer in both party stores and in supermarkets,” Alessandra said. “But just like with Modecor, it’s our intention to make Mamì a leader in the sector and a household name.”


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Kyle is a Copywriter and Content Manager at Moskito Design, part of the team since 2014. He got his start selling books door-to-door in America, taught English as a foreign language for years in Turkey, and translates from French and Italian. He loves telling stories and helping people and brands tell theirs.