Mondadori’s IG Filter for Ken Follet’s New Release

The nose of a viking longship, with detailed carvings including a snake curling at the tip.

Mondadori’s IG Filter for Ken Follet’s New Release

With the huge rush of new book releases this autumn, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. For the Italian release of Ken Follet’s The Evening and the Morning, the prequel to his worldwide best-seller Pillars of the Earth trilogy, publisher Libri Mondadori came to us to try out a new marketing approach, a custom made Instagram Filter.

Augmented reality IG filters have taken off because they can boost engagement, they’re easy to track and measure, and they offer loads of avenues for creative expression.

For Follet’s Italian-titled Fu Sera e Fu Mattina, we worked with Mondadori to evoke the title very literally, showing the shift from evening to morning. It also recalls the Italian cover, with its detailed nose of a viking longship, and the filter’s augmented-reality motion could suggest a long journey on the ship at sea.

Getting IG filters right requires a blend of creative expertise, from graphic design to 3D art, interaction design and experience with Instagram proprietary tools.

But the results can be as fun, engaging – or as earth-shatteringly epic – as you can imagine for your brand.

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