Goodbye tweens, Hello 13!

Two 13 year old girls with braces holding lolipops and laughing

Goodbye tweens, Hello 13!

Life is full of rites of passage, and just a couple of weeks ago we went through a big one. On the 9th of January, Moskito Design officially turned 13 – which makes us a teenager now!

And that also means it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the numbers, people and projects that made our last tweenage year one to remember. This is the Moskito Design 2018 Year in Review.

More than just another growth spurt

2018 seemed different, and meant more than just all the physical changes that came with growth the year before in 2017 – more new faces, more office space, more teams and team leaders.

Of course, we did experience all that too this year. We welcomed some awesome new people: graphic designers Sarah, Daniele, Giacomo, Michelle, Gabriele and copywriter Katrin. There was a new Moskito Mamma this year too, as co-founder and CEO Giulia Salvioni gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (Welcome Emma!). And as for office space, we carved out 2.45m2 for a voiceover recording studio that we’ve already put to good use.

And we also continued on our path of steady growth, with a pretty satisfying 10% growth in revenues.

But growth this year felt like more than just numbers.

Filling out (with end-to-end service)

Like any soon-to-be teenager in a growth spurt, we weren’t the first ones to understand what was going on. But thankfully our clients saw it coming.

Because current clients like eBay, Automobile and Agos, as well as newer ones like Facebook EMEA, Italian bank Creval, contextual video platform video intelligence, and UK measurement attribution specialists Fospha have been coming to us with more multichannel campaigns and complex projects to handle end to end, from strategy to concept to creative development and delivery.

For them it means full-spectrum communication, as what matters is not just sticking to one channel, but using all the channels that work best for the range of campaign objectives.

And for us it means branching out, broadening our horizons, deepening our knowledge and insights, and getting better at everything we do, day by day by day.

Stretching out (with clients around the globe)

We really reached across the globe this year, with campaigns like Facebook’s 9 Views on Video and Better Together campaigns, which we fully localized for key markets in Germany, the UK, France, Nordic countries, Spain and South Africa, as well as appearing throughout the EMEA region. And we took on another complex and ongoing project for Zurich-based video intelligence.

eBay Russia came calling, and we’ve produced a steady run of special campaigns and continuous work to help grow eBay’s market there, as well as in up and coming markets around Europe, Asia and beyond. And we designed for the world’s biggest high definition video wall for an exclusive eBay SEA event in Singapore.

And some of our newest clients have been calling from the not-so-distant UK. You’ll be hearing more on that this year, but in 2018 we started on projects for Fospha, ed-tech superstars Instructure and end to end cryptocurrency payment gateway UTRUST, and eBay UK.

A cut out of a microphone and text says "2.45m2 Size of our new basement recording studio"

Staying in with (the Italian) fam

But we weren’t always out and about – some of our best work involved projects closer to home, in northern Italy.

From the awesome Milan Pride Parade sponsorship for eBay Italy to a big project for, work for Creval, an internal magazine restyling for global life services provider Sodexo, a record-breaking year for catalogue production and Easter displays for Lindt, branding for Irca’s new culinary school, new websites for baking suppliers Mamì and luxury yacht designers Hotlab, to brand identity for an exciting university-funded startup. And just across the border in Switzerland, recent work on an exciting new launch for Pagani Pens.

Say thank you (and really mean it)

Happily, when it comes to saying thank you, we don’t need to be told twice.

Thanks to all our clients, colleagues, collaborators and everyone else who’s contributed their hard work, determination, trust, enthusiasm, patience, knowledge and fun to making this our best year ever. (We say it every year, but it’s totally true!)

And a special goodbye and good luck to Girolamo, Amandine, Spina and Alessandro. Whoever you work for now or next you’ll always be part of team Moskito.

So, once again: thank you! We really mean it.

Stay tuned for lots more exciting news in 2019!

Kyle is a Copywriter and Content Manager at Moskito Design, part of the team since 2014. He got his start selling books door-to-door in America, taught English as a foreign language for years in Turkey, and translates from French and Italian. He loves telling stories and helping people and brands tell theirs.