Our big wins in 2021

Our big wins in 2021

Amidst uncertainties, pandemic and widespread economic and social crisis, our fabulous Moskito team once again succeeded in achieving the almost unthinkable. And we owe it to commitment and mutual trust, competence and perseverance.

The numbers prove it, with 15% growth in revenue over 2020 – as well as some new clients who joined our thriving, long term portfolio including Facebook, eBay and Agos.

Here is our 2021.

A year of pitches

If you’re familiar with our story, you’ll know that challenges don’t scare us. In particular, we’re delighted to take on new pitches – in some cases more than one at a time – even though it means investing time and resources, as well as reorganising priorities and teams in a flash, to deliver on projects that unfortunately don’t always win.

But we had some big winners this year, and we want to thank everybody in Moskito who worked on concepts and presentations to help us win new clients like Visa, NTT Data and Samsung eShop, and new projects for existing clients like Healthy Life for Nestlé, working first-hand on concepts and presentations. And thanks to all their colleagues who scrambled to support these pitch teams by taking over their daily duties.

A year of peculiar requests

Among the many things prohibited in 2021 was boredom. At least in Moskito, where faced a range of completely new challenges: writing a client manifesto, dressing up Milan’s most iconic shopping destination, La Rinascente, handling the behind the scenes of intricate prize contests, conceiving ads for radio and TV

A year in training

570 – that’s how many hours we spent in training courses last year: online brainstorming, time management, copyright in the digital era, only to mention a few. We also continued updating our individual education and following Meta Blueprint courses to earn certifications on specific topics, such as creative strategy, community management and media planning.

New arrivals and some departures

First to mention is baby Daniele, born this summer to Moskito co-founder Evelina.

As for the other new entries, we had plenty in our design, copywriting and marketing teams: Nathan, Sofia, Gaia, Cristina, Veronica, Francesca, Giorgia and Gioele, who were welcomed and cared for by our HR manager Elena.
Our net of freelancers got stronger as well, so that we could broaden our service of text localization to new languages – from Brazilian Portuguese to Austrian – and support our video-making team.

But we also want to thank and wish good luck to all those colleagues who’ve chosen to move on to new adventures elsewhere. Go out and make us proud!

Always looking forward

Being part of the Moskito team also means taking care of the others and of the environment, especially in these challenging times.

That’s why, together with our partner Progetti del cuore, we continued our support for local mobility providers Auser Varese by helping supply them with a van for transporting people with disabilities, reduced mobility, children and the elderly.

In partnership with Treedom, we decided to gift every member of the Moskito team with a newly planted tree. This way we can put down roots and carry on growing, each and every day, respecting our community and the planet that hosts us.


Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a big win for Moskito Design.


Here’s to a great 2022!

Silvia is a "content woman", as she loves to call herself, with over 20 years' experience writing for digital and print media, including online portals, fashion and tourism magazines, training and social media. Agency Director at Moskito since 2016, she leads the team of copywriters and translators.