A new corporate identity for Technoit’s 10th anniversary

A new corporate identity for Technoit’s 10th anniversary

When Valeria Pastore joined Como-based electronics distributor Technoit as Marketing and Communication Manager in March, 2017, she knew the company was ripe for a communication revolution — and a new corporate identity.

The company had grown by “over 15 times” since its founding in 2007, Valeria told me by phone. But on the cusp of their 10th anniversary their logo and corporate identity didn’t reflect what the company had become, and their website was “nonexistent”, she said. “And for any company today, not having a website means you don’t exist.”

Having just moved from electronics giant Haier, Valeria was eager to apply what she’d learned about brand sensibility in a successful multinational to a smaller company that was still adding up big numbers.

Worlds apart

Granted, in a world not known for its savvy branding, their lack of strong corporate image was far from unusual. Distribution companies like Technoit, Valeria explained, don’t usually think of themselves as brands. They usually work in the background, between suppliers and their clients.

But as they’d grown, clients and suppliers had begun asking for more skills and services, and they’d found themselves not only providing new solutions, but competing with some major international players.

It was time to stand out from the pack and show just how strong they’d become.

And that brought Technoit to Moskito Design.

The new corporate identity

The Technoit brand refresh project involved conceiving and designing a new logo, a website with a motion graphic video brochure and a company profile. But first we started by working to understand and communication Technoit’s company values ― and what sets them apart in their industry.

The team was young, from the vice president on down, Valeria explained, and they wanted an identity that’s “fresher, younger and up to date”.



Another strength was their solid financial grounding built up over 10 years. “This is something essential in our industry,” Valeria told me, “because it works as a guarantee that we have buying capacity over and above many smaller competitors”.

But what’s also important is that the company is still at that sweet spot between small and versatile and big and powerful. “It was important to show off that we can adapt,” she told me. “We’re flexible and provide solutions that a larger company, one that’s perhaps more rigid and set in its ways, can’t.”

While distribution, as Valeria said, may not usually be thought of as a dynamic industry, tech certainly is. So with our concepts in place we worked together to develop a logo that borrows from the products themselves to show movement in a company that’s in constant transformation.

Celebrating their transformation

With the corporate identity and website in their final stages we helped Technoit get ready for their 10th anniversary party ― and the big reveal of their new corporate identity ― at the luxurious Villa Erba, in Como. We created digital invitations and signage for the event, which proved a smashing success for their partners and team.



When I asked Valeria how the brand refresh has been received she told me: “This has really been welcomed by the market. Changing our brand ― becoming, in fact, a brand in our own right ― helps us communicate to our partners that we’re a supplier that adds real value to our services.”

“We really felt an affinity with Moskito Design,” Valeria said, “in the sense that like us they’re in this phase of growth ― fast and flexible, and not limited by being too big or too small. In the end what really matters in both their industry and ours is not size but whether a supplier can find the fastest solution while still providing top quality work. And they did just that.”


Is it time to refresh your brand? At Moskito Design we can help you refresh your brand identity to show your clients ― and potential clients ― everything your growth can offer them.

Kyle is a Copywriter and Content Manager at Moskito Design, part of the team since 2014. He got his start selling books door-to-door in America, taught English as a foreign language for years in Turkey, and translates from French and Italian. He loves telling stories and helping people and brands tell theirs.