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Sustainability is child’s play – or it can be, with the help of Adventerra Games. The Swiss specialists in environmental education games came to us to develop a rich marketing campaign to achieve a greener future through play.



Adventerra Games

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Seizing the moment

Adventerra Games has long been working in a specialist niche of environmental education through play. But in 2019, with mainstream opinion finally decided on the urgency of educating and acting on the climate, Adventerra felt the time was ripe to make their products part of the mainstream conversation.

We had previously supported Adverterra with graphics and localization. Their new brief, however, called for a full-scale marketing campaign focused on some of the most crucial sales events in the annual calendar.

Black Friday and Christmas were targeted for three strategic objectives: increasing brand awareness, generating on-site traffic, and increasing sales, both online and in stores that distribute their games.

We needed Moskito Design to help us boost brand visibility and product sales, and all our expectations were fully met. The team that supported us proved to be really knowledgeable and helpful. They grasped our needs quickly and proposed the best solutions to help us reach our goal.”

Federico Bossi, Brand Manager, Adventerra Games. Read the full interview in our blog

Learning by playing

As both the products’ final consumers and the face (thanks to Greta Thunberg and many others) of the modern ecological movement, children were the natural choice as youth protagonists to communicate fun and values.

For Adventerra Games too, it’s the daily gestures that promote big changes: as in the case of our little superhero who, by simply turning off an open tap, helps to save a precious resource like water.

We built the main campaign visuals around a game of contrast/integration between everyday life (photography) and the imaginary world (illustration) and developed the campaign claim: Mission: Save the Planet.

Mission: Save the Planet

Concept, storyboard, casting, filming, post-production, audio mastering and video editing: with director Andrea De Taddeo we handled each step of the 15” videos in which child-superheroes accomplish the daily tasks, both small and big, necessary to safeguard the planet.

The three videos (on for each game) were launched on Youtube (pre-roll video) and Facebook.


In Powerhaus, you and your housemates work to make your house more sustainable. You shop for new energy efficient products and trade in old ones, while earning savings for the good habits you develop along the way.

Spazza Via La Spazzatura

Collecting and correctly recycling is the name of the game in Spazza Via La Spazzatura (Recycle Rally in the US version). You drive your truck all over town, delivering glass, metal, plastic and more the proper locations, and learn the right habits for sorting your own recycling as you go.

Water Game

In the Water Game, the aim is to learn the good habits that help save water – including helping each other out. Players race down a river, saving and wasting water as they go, but no one can win unless everybody contributes to keeping a common reservoir well stocked with water.

Behind the scenes: The making of a superhero

Although the real heroes are the next generation of environmentally conscious children, our child actors delighted at dressing up and playing all day.

Social action

Sponsored posts, carousels and Instagram adaptations: broad, well-coordinated actions were chosen to reach key audiences: parents and educators, but also simply people sensitive to environmental issues.

From virtual to real

To reach a broader audience and encourage widespread participation, we organized a Facebook Event called Adventerra Day, in which we proposed three sustainable actions to do during the day:

  • Morning: Save water by using a glass to brush your teeth
  • Afternoon: Shop, selecting only reduced-plastic or plastic-free products
  • Evening: Save energy by organizing a candlelight dinner with the family

We leveraged a 500 euro budget to attract nearly 1500 participants in the Event.

Black Friday for Future

The next step was to create a retargeting campaign for people who had interacted with previous campaign assets. The campaign offered a 20% discount coupon for purchases on Adventerra e-commerce, as well as a Black Friday discount of 30% off the entire Adventerra catalogue, with no spending limits and free shipping.

Know, share, buy

Campaign duration:
September – Christmas 2019

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube (pre-roll video), banner display

Brand Awareness

Increasing awareness of the brand by communicating its values of education and careful attention to the environment

Drive to Store

Increasing brand trust by driving interested people to the Feltrinelli and Migros partner stores

Drive to Site

Driving traffic to site to encourage online purchase in the pre-Christmas period

Success by the numbers

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