Amsterdam event

Agos Amsterdam event


Every year Agos and Crédit Agricole celebrate selected top dealers at an exclusive event that offers high-level training in a world-class destination. In 2018 the company, a leader in the lending and personal finance sector, came to us to develop the concept and creative for the three-day workshop.


To develop the logo and name, we combined a concept focused on the future of the customer journey with the spirit of place, in forward-thinking Amsterdam. The name evokes ideas in transformation, or movement, and the wave motif captures the fluid transformation currently at work in the lending business.


With logo and name in place, we created a Powerpoint presentation to kick off the event. Then our motion graphics video team created the 6 minute animated video explainer to map the transformation of the customer journey in life-like detail.


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Concept, Digital Design, Business Presentations, Video, Motion Graphics Animation

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