Agos's recent brand relaunch included a new image, a new style of communication, and even a new headquarters. We've been by their side on their journey to 360° change, helping them communicate with the promise of “something more” and the color Tiffany, representing optimism and hope for the future.


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A solid partnership

The little big revolution has taken place over the last two years, but is based on a collaboration that started back in 2016. Since then, we’ve been supporting Agos teams like Communication and Trade with day-by-day strategic consulting and the daily production of creative assets.

Moskito always adds value to every project we involve them in, giving us the certainty that they’ll deliver high quality output every time. What’s more, it’s really easy to work with the people on their various teams, and they’re always willing to help, even when we’re asking for something beyond the normal level of service.

Alessio Cacciatori, Head of Trade Marketing, Agos. Read the full interview with Alessio.

More than 5 years of projects together

Our contribution to the Agos ecosystem

From consumer products to specialized B2B offerings, to special internal marketing projects for employees and partners, we take care of a significant part of Agos communication.

In order to efficiently respond to the needs and timelines of the various departments, we work in constant daily contact with the Communication Department.

The year
of the restyling

2020 was a watershed year for the brand. Starting with the logo and tagline la tua vita con qualcosa in più (your life with something more) designed in 2019, we researched a strong accompanying visual.

Starting with their chosen color Tiffany, we developed an iconographic universe in which people and objects communicate serenity and joy. And we conceived of the light, jaunty, almost dreamlike line drawings that express the desires Agos helps to realize with its financing, that “something extra” that differentiates Agos from its competitors.

B2C: talking to customers

Being a leading financial company in consumer credit means selling its products and services by conveying, in addition to TAN and APR, essential values such as transparency and reliability.

CRM: high volume, high conversion

With direct mail sendouts reinforced by dedicated email marketing, we work at Agos’s side in their efforts to build awareness and loyalty with targeted offers. Direct mail is still a high converting channel for Agos, and our organization and precision are essential for managing the high volume of monthly sendouts.

How many Italians receive our communications every month?

Branches: communication in the field

Agos often tasks us with creating materials to support their communication for its 212 physical branches across Italy: from window stickers to leaflets, from signage to totems.

Contests: that extra lever

Among the many marketing initiatives promoted by Agos,
contests are another successful lever, each requiring
branding, design, and asset creation.

Social Media

As of 2021 we are responsible for social media management of their Facebook and Instagram channels, including the creation of the editorial plan, live daily posting and community management.

OOH Advertising: putting your face on it

Conceived at the end of 2020, this billboard campaign was created to bring attention back to the branches after the first wave of the health emergency had passed. It portrays Agos employees as they invite the public to come back and visit them in person, and is an application of one of the pillars of the brand’s communication strategy, 100% human.

B2B: on the side of salespeople and partners

Agos works in partnership to develop specialized products for leading consumer brands. And when it comes to pitching and signing those partnerships, a clear, flexible and effective communication kit can make all the difference. Whether it’s PowerPoint presentations, explainer videos or brochures, we support the Agos sales force with the tools they need.

When the partnership project is approved, we often take care of all the B2C sales point communication as well. The challenge? To speak not only Agos’s language, but the partner brand’s as well, with tone and content that their customers believe in.

Internal Communication: employee welfare and more

Agos believes employee welfare is an essential component of productivity and the starting point for creating a healthy and modern working environment. Along with its customers, Agos puts its employees at the center of its vision, and offers them not only work and training opportunities but also leisure time partner promotions and shopping cards.

It also involves them in important and topical issues through targeted communication campaigns. One case in point is the Diversity & Inclusion project, for which we created a unique brand identity, including the logo and branding of all related initiatives.

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