Agos Agosfera


Italian lending leader Agos came to us to help design, launch and communicate a new sales product: Agosfera. The app-lead product is a world of exclusive deals and offers (in the form of digital coupons) for employees of contracting companies, as well as a platform for Agos’s own personal finance offers.


We took the Agosfera name at its word and designed a look and feel to communicate the wonder of a whole new world to discover. The visual language of technology, the stars, and the future were all key influences, and the dominant blue brings together the Agos brand color with the limitless horizons of the sky and space. We brought new freshness to flat design by adding depth to create an unmistakable visual identity.


We applied the design and wrote copy for a static site, the digital app, a motion graphics video, and digital newsletters, in addition to print materials for the launch and communication, including displays and a brochure.

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