Agosfera: designing an employee benefit and engagement platform

How can Agos help strengthen company culture around shared benefits and increase employee engagement? They came to us to design an internal marketplace platform to offer locally-relevant discounts and deals to their nearly 2000 employees across Italy.


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With 230 branches, Italian lending leader Agos prides itself on its strong network of physical touchpoints up and down the peninsula – for their customers, an Agos inancial consultant is always just around the corner. But to strengthen their internal network of relationships and engagement among their 2000 employees, Agos came to us with a new challenge: design a mobile app interface for an employee discounts platform offering locally-relevant discounts. Once launched and tested, the pilot program was to be replicable and re-sellable as a format to other companies wishing to increase the visibility of their corporate benefits.

Visually communicating a world of benefits

For the benefits marketplace, we wanted to communicate two ideas: 1) the idea of a container, holding an abundance of offers, and 2) the sensation of exclusivity that comes with belonging to a special, members-only club. Space was the natural theme to amplify the idea of vast, infinite choice, and the planet-like sphere gave shape to the logo and the chosen name: Agosfera.

Logo and brand guidelines

From the sphere shape, we created the logo. It goes against flat design trends by using light and shadow to create shape, depth and roundedness, which we later extended throughout all the character illustration and design. Typography is essential, too. To communicate the name and tagline we selected Dosis and for more discursive texts, the extraordinarily legible Montserrat font family, both of which communicate a sense of bold futurism. We then created a brand guidelines document to specify color and placement for use in print and on the web, as well as lay the groundwork for all possible future uses of the logo, including flat versions for small contexts like icons and sponsored swag.


Designing the Agosfera app

The app offers a showcase for limited-time deals and offers in a range of categories and verticals, and the ads are continually created and updated by an internal Agos comms team. When an Agos employee chooses a deal they would like to use, the app generates a barcode to be scanned at the relevant retail shop or service supplier. In our UI design we worked to apply the Agosfera brand mood and message to all illustrative elements, and created images, shapes and iconography to create an easier, engaging user experience.



The website was our initial pilot project as it gave us a large canvas to work on and simplified planning and execution in the early stages. Working from wireframes, we designed the UI from scratch, and it was here that we helped work out the vision for design, functionality and use cases that would later be transformed into the app. The success of the completed project also proved how a finished site can be used by companies to build internal buy-in and momentum toward the more complex and costly app development project.


To kickoff the internal Agos campaign and generate excitement among their employees, we created a 1-minute teaser video that animates visual elements while explaining the benefits. We wrote the script and developed the storyboard for maximum impact.

Length: 1’
Channel: YouTube


To make sure the message got out to all their employees throughout Italy, we built an HTML newsletter to drop the video into their inboxes. Copywriting and visual combined to tease the new benefits platform, including links to the launched app in Google Play and the App Store.

  • Newsletter teaser
  • Newsletter to launch the app
  • Newsletter invite to watch the streaming of the launch event

Print material

To round off the integrated communication, we designed and produced print advertising materials, including a brochure and table
displays for all the Agos branches.

Folder: 30×30 cm
Crowner: 23×30 cm
Totem: 180×50 cm

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