You can learn a lot about somebody by travelling together. That’s why, 10 years into our working partnership, knew exactly who to turn to when they decided to set off on an exciting new road trip.


Visual Design, Branding


Brand Strategy


Italy asked us climb in the front seat with them on their journey toward rebranding. Our work included the new website as well as print and digital communication materials, and the creation of a Brand Manual with precise visual guidelines to make sure all future B2B and B2C communication stays in the right lane.

More than just a search engine

The aim was to strengthen the perception of, both for current and new users. is more than *just* an exhaustive, highly specialized search engine: it’s that favorite friend who knows everything about cars, the one you’d turn to the next time you’re shopping for a new one.

In a world full of look-alike car photography, we chose illustration (which, as a design trend, is also enjoying a renaissance among major brands). We worked together to create a visual language to communicate simplicity and immediacy that we refined through user testing.

Thanks to Moskito Design, we’ve got an original and unique new design. It perfectly reflects our identity and fulfills the promise that we make every day to our users: to help them find the perfect car.

Francesco Baj, Brand Specialist,

Riding shotgun on the road forward

From the sharing of the road map to the final positioning, we worked side by side through a succession of milestones. Visual elements like color palettes, fonts and colors were carefully selected and applied to all visual elements of the brand.

Customized communication

The original illustrations were developed first for the new website, and then extended across all other communication materials. is about the people they serve, which is why people, in varying levels of definition, are always front and center. To create vibrancy and dynamism we used abstract elements, including geometric shapes, emojis and irregular background blobs.

Power and beauty

We worked with to redesign UX and UI to improve the experience on a site that collects thousands of ads every day.

For the homepage interface, we helped make it easier for people to find the right car by associating specific results to specific life needs (e.g. Family, Adventures, City, Ecological, etc.).

Icons that talk

Like signs are the road, icons are essential for fluid wayfinding on a website. We helped improve navigation and the user journey by developing an iconography system to help summarize abstract concepts at a glance and link pages and features together. It’s an added help for the many non-expert visitors who simply need to find their way to the car they need.

One brand, many variations

With this creative roadmap in place, we created the other B2C and B2B communication materials (brochures and calendars), the preview visuals for the app and a landing page dedicated to B2C services.

Our copywriting and design teams joined up to create both marketing and educational newsletters to help facilitate the user journey. This was rounded off with organic and sponsored social media posts and display ad campaigns.

What’s the added value of a close-knit team? The design-led project was supported by our copywriting on tone of voice, language, and web development team for technical support, to help bring the friendly interface to life.

A long road together

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