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Multichannel communication for B2B & B2C

After a competitive pitch process in November 2019, we were selected by the legendary credit card company to relaunch their brand in Italy.


Campaign concept & ideation
Visual identity
Copywriting and storytelling
Print and editorial
Strategic presentations
Digital (UI and design)
Motion graphics
Supplier management


Leading the historic brand into the new millennium

The world’s first credit card and the first to land on Italian shores, for more than 50 years Diners Club has maintained its reputation for exclusivity and luxury in Italy. To broaden their appeal and grow their audience among Millennials, Diners Club International selected Italy as a test case to rebrand and relaunch the classic card. And they chose Moskito Design to do it.

Since January 2020 we have been working side by side as an extension of the Diners Club Italy team to transform their multichannel communication, provide strategic consulting and day-to-day production, and launch strategic partnerships, like with the WWF. In addition, we create their editorial calendar, produce social media assets and interface with suppliers.

From their pitch to their first presentation with our international management we were convinced we had the right agency and team on board for the relaunch. Moskito always gave us loads of energy, creativity, competence and solid strategic vision.

Camilla D'Alfonso, Head of Marketing and Communication, Diners Club Italy

The right communication for three different audiences

With three different Italian audiences we have three different languages to speak. The creative challenge is building engagement with B2B and B2C audiences through rebranded communication while keeping the evolution consistent with the global, historic brand.

Rebranding beyond the card

From the card to collateral to presentations and marketing materials for corporate and merchant clients, we transformed the rebranding into a vast array of creative assets.

Paid campaigns

Through sponsored digital and print campaigns we communicated the new brand positioning, with its stress on enabling social responsibility through the Dine for Change program and support for WWF Italy to protect the Mediterranean.


More than a card, Diners is first and foremost a club. Through CRM campaigns with transactional and relational communication, we help keep Diners Club members informed, engaged and empowered.

Digital campaigns

Beyond CRM, at Moskito Design we developed all the brand’s digital communication, from digital campaigns for promotions and special initiatives, landing pages and restyling the Diners Club corporate blog.

Social media communication

We provided 360° support for their social media profiles, from the ideation of an editorial calendar to the creation of posts (visual and copy). For B2B communication to merchants and corporate clients, LinkedIn was the channel of choice, while for B2C consumer communication we used Facebook & Instagram, with a distinct style and tone of voice for each.

Sales force support for customer acquisition

We created communication materials to empower the Diners Club sales force to address the brand’s three 3 principal audiences: corporate, merchants and consumers.

From a single dinner to Italy-wide Club events

Since its founding, at the heart of the Diners Club is events: dinners with friends and partners, social gatherings and group endeavors. Our creative team supported Diners Club with event production and management throughout Italy, from naming, to branding and design, to concept and consulting on event architecture, all the way to material production.

Communicating strategy to US leadership

Our partnership with Diners Club marketing teams means not only helping them communicate with their external audiences, but with each other. We ideate and develop presentations to help the Italian team communicate their vision, their accomplishments, and the road still to travel.

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