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Black Week strikes again

Not such a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, the Jedis of Moskito Design fought the battle of Black Friday for eBay Italy – and won. Join us for the latest episode in a saga that has no sign of ending.



eBay Italy

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A new hope

For Black Friday, eBay wanted to launch a campaign with 360° visibility, including HTML email, social media and video. They knew they could count on the force of our small band of rebels to promote unmissable deals, charity actions and an unmistakably stellar mood.

The return of the Jedis

Our heroic team executed a winning strategy through flash sales, personalized DM campaigns, important charitable initiatives. And there are numbers to tell the story.

The Force awakens: 360 visibility

We created over 300 creative assets for the 8-day campaign, including onsite and offsite marketing, social media and charity banners. Custom Emails and Push Notifications brought results beyond everyone’s expectations.

Onsite display campaign

Onsite banners accompanied all phases of the campaign, from pre-event promotions to the hi-tech Cyber Monday finish.

Espresso – More effective than a lightsaber

The campaign included 10 Espresso DMs: dynamic emails loaded with banners and tailored messages based on user search results – a direct hit.

Make-A-Wish Italy and Disney join forces

For every purchase made during Black Friday, eBay committed to donate €1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Italy. Our team created the dedicated landing page, the social campaign, banners on the foundation website and the graphics for the box for the influencers who promoted the initiative.

Disney also contributed by giving the children of Make-A-Wish Italy a preview of the latest episode of the Star Wars saga. Together with eBay, they created a mini promotional video we helped post-produce on the theme of Black Friday for the preview of the film at the cinema.

Jump to hyperspace: Flash Black

The most exciting moment of the campaign? Flash Black: the exclusive flash sale on social media, which offered a limited selection of articles at very affordable prices, 4 times a day, for a week. These products flew off like the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Following the Star Wars theme look and feel, we created both the teaser phase pre-Cyber Monday and closed the event as well, building great engagement through Stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Teaser phase

4x per day, discounted products were published on Facebook and Instagram, posts and Stories. Whoever shot first – by swiping up – won the deal.