Milan Pride Parade

eBay Milan Pride Parade

Following our coach bus design we did for eBay Spain for last year’s massive Madrid Pride event, eBay Italy came to us to design and organize their sponsorship of Milano Pride 2018: Italy’s biggest Pride event, with a record 250,000 attendees.

For the Volkswagen Bus and their event stand, our concept applied both eBay’s global messaging of Fill Your Cart With Color – which celebrates diversity and difference in all-too-beige world – and a global eBay Pride message of Love with Pride. We wanted to create an immersive experience help people truly engage with the eBay brand and its values.

For the stand, we created a Rainbow Carpet to lead parade-goers into the eBay environment, where they could choose cubes with words like Live, Love, Walk and Proud to complete phrases on the Selfie Wall: … with Pride. Our pixelated heart became the event logo, and we designed the VW minibus, including banners, flags and even a Spotify Playlist. And finally we created the video to capture the emotions of the day.


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