How can you leverage new technologies to expand your business? European food services giant Elior seized the opportunity by launching a complete line of ready meals. And they chose our pitch-winning concept and design for their new brand: iCOLTi.


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Elior’s fresh idea in food

Elior Group is one of Europe’s leading catering and food services companies and the biggest in Italy, serving businesses, schools, universities, hospitals, trains and hotels. A recent acquisition brought Elior Italy new opportunities to apply modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology to a line of ready meals. The technology creates a protective atmosphere for food that guarantees a longer 10-day shelf life, no preservatives and generates less food waste.

The meals will be available both as lunches to go in standard business dining areas, in special refrigerators in small office kitchens and break rooms and, as a result of the COVID-era remote-work revolution, for personal home delivery. To create their new line of meals for business people, they held a call for pitches.

Moskito Design definitely gave us a stand-out pitch presentation, which through steps of working together they helped us evolve into the brand we launched recently. Their talents and insights really helped us put together a project that we believe will help us make an impact on our market.

Ilaria Vitale – Marketing and Communication Manager, Elior
Ilaria Del Fabbro – iCOLTi Brand Manager, Elior.

Read the full interview with them in our blog.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

To market their new line, we helped Elior define two personas: health-conscious Camilla and Mauro, the hearty eater.

Turning the tables on Italian culinary tradition

When it comes to food, Italians can be tough customers. Italy’s storied reputation for fantastic food continues in part due to the vigilance of Italians in appreciating, cooking and defending their classics. But as times and business culture have changed, there is an increasingly willingness to innovate.

Our name for the line was inspired by these two very strong forces of tradition and innovation. iCOLTi plays on the plural form of the Italian word colto, meaning “cultivated”, which as in English can refer to fresh fruits and vegetables as well as personal refinement and intelligence. And the logo is designed to stand apart from the ubiquitous tendency toward vintage with a bold modern font – while nonetheless reassuring traditionalists with a reminder of the company’s more than 30 years of expertise in the sector.

Packaging that keeps it fresh

In a country bursting with historic food brands and vintage-revival packaging, iCOLTi are designed to stand out from the crowd and leap off the shelves with bright bold colors and fun vectorial iconography. Each package tells a story, whether it’s the Tradition line cooked like grandma would, or the Wellness line promising to help you find harmony in your meal.

The 6 current meal types present a range of options for our personas Camilla and Mauro, translating as Wellness, Energy, Lightness, Specialty, Tradition, and Gluten-Free.

Landing Page

The project included a proposal for a dedicated landing page.

Taking iCOLTi to market

To advertise the iCOLTi product line and related services of personal home delivery to remote-working company employees, we created a digital brochure mixing bright colors and friendly, handwriting inspired fonts. While for business lunchrooms and bustling office spaces, we designed labels and decals for the refrigerator that gets noticed.

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