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Better Together

How can you frame the conversation about the effectiveness of your products and services? Facebook chose Moskito Design to help them create a targeted multimarket educational campaign that combines video, copy and strong visual design to deliver the message that Facebook and TV are Better Together.


Digital, Print


Creative concept
Video Production

October 2018

EMEA, Nordics, South Africa

TV or Facebook?

Which channel is more effective: TV or Facebook? When it comes to your ad spend, the answer, according to Facebook, is both. And they came to us to help them turn the discussion upside down in key EMEA markets and make a clear, powerful, evidence-based argument for why both channels are essential to effective brand advertising.

Better Together

The concept, with its bright, impactful animation, communicates the positive and unambiguous message that successful brand advertising isn’t about either/or, but both.

On camera, in London

The heart of the campaign was a series of country-specific video testimonials with brand managers and leading measurement analysts for the Germany, UK, Spain, France, Nordic and South African markets. We flew to Facebook’s London film studio to record the interviews with our director Andrea De Taddeo. Back in Italy, editing and post-production included designing stand-out 3D elements to highlight the research and impact of Facebook’s services, as well as captioning and subtitling for English-language localization.

Off-platform and on the web

To build a home off the Facebook platform and on the web, we designed a microsite for every target market. We adapted the unified design for each localization, and with clear bold graphics highlighted the stats and data that matter to that specific market.


6 design localizations

Germany, UK, Spain , France, Nordics and South Africa

More power for your campaign

To spread the video series far and wide the digital campaign leveraged Facebook’s range of in-feed advertising product formats, including Video Post, Carousel, Instant Experience. It pushed the campaign’s main claims, localized for 6 markets, including Germany, Spain, the UK and France. The message? Facebook and TV can give you more reach, more sales, and more power for your campaign.

6 markets

126 total assets

3 platforms

In Germany, together more BOOM!

For the German market, we helped Facebook create a mailing kit guaranteed to capture the attention of marketing managers. We knew from the beginning we wanted to capture the spirit of the German claim Zusammen mehr bam!, which translates literally as “together more boom!”, and we sourced and designed an “exploding” gag gift to leave no room for doubt.

1. Mailing

600 mailing kits were sent to selected media agencies in the DE area

2. Envelope

Rip-open mystery envelope delivered alongside educational content

3. Bahm!

Boomf bomb gag gift delivers the message – and more bahm!

Print campaign for trade publications

Physical print is the perfect complement to round off a digital campaign, and the German campaign was completed with advertisements in leading marketing publications, including Horizont and W&V.

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