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How can you scale up a local campaign to embrace a whole region? Facebook came to us to help turn a proven idea for a start-up business growth framework into an accessible and expandable EMEA-wide campaign.


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December 2020


Bringing growth tools to an EMEA audience

Hockey Sticks & Base is an education campaign ideated by Facebook Israel to help their startup clients build resilience and create solid, steady growth over time. Facebook came to us with a preliminary Hebrew-language execution developed for pre-Covid in-person seminars, and asked us to help them scale up the campaign for the EMEA region and make a digital home for it on the global Facebook for Business hub.

Promoting proven strategies for 2021

Hockey Sticks & Base combines brings two well-known sport metaphors to the world of business. Hockey sticks are the growth strategies, approaches and innovations that create new growth opportunities throughout the life of the business. The base is the must-win fundamentals to protect and optimize existing business activity even while the company is pursuing new hockey sticks. Facebook tasked us with creating a series of playbooks, animated explainer videos and an educational hub to communicate what they determined were the four most important hockey stick and base strategies going into 2021: Geo Expansion, Audience Expansion, Signals and Measurement.

Moskito Design was very professional, extremely dedicated and super responsive the entire time. It was a true pleasure working with them, and the outcome was amazing.

Einav Dinur, Business Marketing at Facebook. Read the full interview with Einav.

Creating the Playbooks

Starting with the raw materials of a PowerPoint presentation, we worked closely with the deck owners to craft a compelling narrative and text for the downloadable, self-serve playbooks. Written for both aspiring and more seasoned digital marketers, the final playbooks combine insider insight into Facebook’s sophisticated martech tools with step-by-step applications of longer-term strategies for evaluating opportunities and challenges when growing across borders. For each playbook our design team created a visual mood to speak to Facebook’s sophisticated digital native audience.

Animating the concept with video

From script to storyboard to animation, we created a series of five 1-minute animated explainer videos to introduce the concept and each of four selected topics. Fun, engaging animation and a pulsing, upbeat pace help communicate the core idea simply and effectively. And each video was given a distinct color palette, shared across the playbooks and the minisite.

Hockey Stick + Base


Hockey Stick


Hockey Stick + Base






Building an expandable digital hub for Facebook Business

For the Hockey Sticks & Base hub we transformed a simple splash page into a multi-page mini-site. With improved UX, the hub features a main page and 4 subpages and is designed for potential expansion to highlight other hockey stick or base strategies at a future time. It’s a potentially expandable home for all campaign assets, including the video series, playbooks, and a series of webinars led by experts from inside Facebook. The minisite also gave us an opportunity to design a complete hub applying Facebook’s new global corporate guidelines for visual design and tone of voice.

Sending the campaign across social media

Reimagining and recutting the animated explainer videos, we created a short-format digital campaign to engage the digital native business community in Israel. The campaign ran off the Facebook platform to focus on YouTube, LinkedIn and display advertising.


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