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How can you help your customers optimize their use of your products to unlock their potential? Facebook asked us to pitch a concept for an educational campaign to inform, excite and inspire. And our winning concept shows how marketers can pair their minds with the right tools for brilliant results.


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October 2019


More than just another campaign

The brief called for a campaign to help digital native performance marketeers optimize their use of Facebook tools by focusing on three performance areas: attracting new customers, increasing ROI and driving results. Facebook provided video content and case studies, but the agency had to send it into orbit with sizzling design, communication and marketing strategy.

It’s all about process

From the initial pitch, through rework and refinement of the concept and message, to audience testing, we worked closely with Facebook to guide the concept through a systematic creative development process.

The soft launch and events generated even more insights into what the audience was hungry for, which were fed back into asset development and production in time for the final launch.

Defining concept

Rather than just another collection of tips and how-to, our winning concept inspires with history and rallies marketeers to learn from today’s pioneers – to become the pioneers of tomorrow. Bright pop colors and images makes the concept fun, young, and daring – like the people mastering Facebook marketing tools today.

The copy is bold and straightforward, and the program name – Be a Performance Pioneer – is a hashtag-ready call to action. And from Awareness to Consideration to Acquisition, we worked to define strategy according to campaign objectives and help the concept expand and evolve at every step.

Yesterday’s Pioneers, still inspiring today

The aspirational concept draws inspiration from diverse historical pioneers in the arts and sciences. Each of these complex personalities is easily recognizable and matched clearly with the tool they leveraged for success. While these tools were available to others at the time, it was their ability to match the tool with their brilliant mind for brilliant results.

Amadeus Mozart

Marie Curie

Galileo Galilei

William Shakespeare

Frida Kahlo

Video manifesto

The kickoff video is more than a simple teaser or introduction, it’s a manifesto, and one of the first assets projected as part of the program. The 1-minute animated video combines a catchy upbeat soundtrack, a diverse cast of historical and contemporary pioneers and a strong call to join. It was localized for 5 languages.


We designed a hub for all the campaign’s educational content, including original video interviews, recordings of online Masterclasses, case studies and links to supporting Facebook business articles.

We worked with Facebook experts to create original copy for the 20+ pages to highlight campaign objectives, introduce audio and video and content, and excite curiosity.

Our video post-production team created mashups for the Top Tips videos, while on copy we localized and subtitled the video interviews in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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Digital Campaign

From a soft launch phase that built an audience for the online Masterclasses through the official launch, we created all the campaign assets, including program and Masterclass invitation emails, sign-ups and follow-ups.

Graphic and copy teams united on creative for the full suite of Facebook ads including static posts, carrousel and video posts, and we localized the digital campaign in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Additionally, assets were created for complementary channels like display and LinkedIn.

Brand Awareness


Event in a box

This is the ready-to-use branding kit for country managers and program leads wanting to run their own local educational workshops. The kit includes guidelines and templates for posters, totems, invitations, badges, swag and more.

Brand guidelines

As program content continues to grow with additional online Masterclasses and case studies, the brand guide offers Facebook marketing teams the full branding guidelines on the use of images, iconography, fonts, colors, tone of voice and more.

Primary Palette
Secondary Palette

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