How can an AI and data science marketing company that thrives on abstract numbers bring out their human side? That’s just what Fospha came to us to do with their rebranding: translate the company’s high tech AI and data-driven products into visual terms that show the human side of the business.


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Putting people at the center

In a world of competitors that look visually cold and technical, Fospha wanted to put the emphasis back on people at every step of the process: the people behind the data, behind their clients’ companies, and behind the individualized data attribution solutions Fospha offers. They wanted their brand to communicate the clarity and easily perceived value of their solutions. The rebranding encompassed all aspects of their visual identity for both a newly conceived corporate master brand, Fospha, as well as two new sub-brands, Fospha Marketing and Fospha Data Services.

Light, playfulness and human diversity through illustration and color

Drawing on our research into Fospha’s market, as well as inspiration from Optical and Abstract Art and the playful shapes of Memphis Design, our approach was to put together vibrant colors, flat design and organic shapes into bubbly, buoyant custom illustrations to help Fospha stand out – and stand for something different. We tweaked established visual clues like colors and shapes to make them brighter and more energetic. We combined a geometric but friendly sans serif font with brackets borrowed from the world of mathematics, Fospha’s domain of expertise. And to help Fospha communicate their commitment to social inclusiveness, we created a custom skin color palette for a diverse variety of human representation.

We work in partnership with our clients until the job’s done and I think at Moskito that’s exactly what you have, a working relationship. That’s invaluable.
Agencies that offer this level of service and are really in the trenches with you are few and far between.”

Fay Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, Fospha. Read our full interview with Fay in the blog.

Brand and corporate redesign

It all starts with the logo. Fospha has two new brands to communicate, Fospha Marketing and Fospha Data Services, which we represented in the bold, dynamic double bracket borrowed from the language of mathematics. The double brackets also represent a window onto the insights, value and truth Fospha communicates with their main claims. We developed two variants of blue – by now the quasi-official color of the digital industry – to represent each sub-brand in the combined logo.

The brand manual laid out the motivation for and correct use of all brand assets, including logo, primary and secondary color palettes, typefaces, illustrations and the use of carefully curated naturalistic stock photography.


In a world of lookalike stock photography, big players in tech and social media have increasingly turned to illustration to give their brand originality and individuality. For Fospha, our illustrators worked to create a series of custom illustrations that embodied Fospha’s brand values in two main elements: a human figure reflecting the diversity and culture of the Fopha Marketing team, and one half of the Fospha brand symbol, the brackets. Other elements – plants, planets, tech devices – are liberally sprinkled in, without ever losing the focus on the people-based insights discovered through the window of Fospha.

Website UX/UI and Information architecture

For a website with so much to communicate, information architecture is essential, and we used structure, hierarchy and balance to avoid information overload. Our UI leaves the surface simple and attractive (using illustration and iconography to offset heavier text loads), while creating layers of information for deeper dives into Fospha’s USPs and capabilities. We also created templates that will allow Fospha to continue to publish case studies while maintaining consistency.

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Iconography is essential for adding visual signposts throughout texts, pages and sites to create coherence and consistency from one asset to another and create visual appeal. For Fospha we created two parallel series of icons: one simpler, one with added depth and sophistication, to be used to illustrate concepts of varying complexity.

Fospha sales deck

Like the website, the Sales Deck communicates how Fospha can help clients meet their challenges and exceed their expectations. The deck incorporates Fospha’s bright color palette, illustration, charts and infographics, all essential elements to capture attention and give the viewer mental breathing space.

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