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Sodexo Internal Newsletter Design

Sodexo came to us to restyle their internal newsletter, Conoscerci, for years one of the building blocks of Sodexo’s solid internal communication strategy. The in house publication is designed to share the contributions of over 11,000 collaborators around Italy.

After a thorough analysis of trends and opportunities, we shifted to a more compact and portable tabloid format. We created a visual style, including the use of simple filters and black and white, in order to help non-professional photographic submissions look good on paper. To let the publication breathe, we freed up space, leaving more room for photos and infographics, as well as more white space. Meanwhile, we reduced the text requirements, which gives Sodexo the freedom to publish less content, but more frequently.

The in house magazine templates were first used in the November issue of Sodexo’s print publication.

What they’re saying
“The collaboration with Moskito has been a success. Fast responsiveness, transparent communication – we really understood each other from the start. We particularly appreciated the challenging and innovative ideas that were proposed to us, in line with what we were looking for. Together we achieved the goals we had set ourselves and managed to work fluidly and directly. We are really happy!”Serena Borsani, Sodexo Italy

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Read the full interview with Serena in our blog.

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