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Advertising campaign with LEGO

Linde Advertising campaign with LEGO

Linde’s brief was to create a striking print advertising campaign to promote not just the forklifts as products but their combined end-to-end warehouse service features: loading, stocking and picking.

We wanted a solid, single metaphor to visually communicate the concept that Linde’s forklifts work together to build a complete service. Prioritizing creativity, simplicity and universality helped us narrow the choice to LEGO. Then, through set design and storyboarding we worked with Linde to get every detail right before moving to production. To produce the three scenes we called on Milan-based LEGO specialist Andrea Lattanzio. The final steps included creating copy and staging the photoshoot.

The phased campaign was published in some of the logistics industry’s biggest trade publications over three months.


Get the brick-by-brick backstory on this fun project in our blog, including interviews with Linde and Lego set builder Andrea Lattanzio.


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