Scalogno di Stefania

Terradorata Scalogno di Stefania


Terradorata came to us to create packaging for one of Italy’s most prized culinary products: shallots in oil from Romagna, since 1997 considered an EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Neither onion nor garlic, the allium ascalonicum can only be farmed on the same land every five years, but has been lauded since the Renaissance for its mildness and versatility.


We chose a traditional look to communicate familiarity, trust and longevity: this protected culinary tradition wasn’t born yesterday. There’s something singular about the form and color of Terradorata’s shallots that defied illustration given the constraints, so we settled on a text-only label. The sinuous forms of the hand-lettered suggest the gestures of planting, harvesting and preparing the shallots for preservation in oil, and the circular form suggests the cycle of nature from planting to eating.


The packaging, including adhesive labels and explanatory tags in three languages, was produced and shipped in time for Christmas, and the Scalogno di Stefania are available for sale on the Terradorata site shop.

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