Office Decoration

Sodexo knows that its mission to improve quality of life begins at home. Its own. That’s why the services provider asked us to help improve their workspace and promote well-being with a graphic design project for the 7-floor headquarters in Cinisello Balsamo, Milan.


Visual Design

Sodexo Italy

Interior Design



Living spaces

Our brief was to refresh the Sodexo, Italy offices with a graphics project combining brand colors and keywords that recur in both their brand messaging and internal communications.

Meeting rooms


Our graphic messaging for meeting rooms communicates both the function of the space and the values Sodexo wants to communicate. We highlighted a series of Sodexo keywords related to human attributes and soft skills to promote, like empathy, talent and inclusion.

In terms of function, Sodexo’s meeting rooms were already named after the planets: Giove (Jupiter), Saturno (Saturn), Mercurio (Mercury). We used this naming system as a launch pad for iconography and themed illustrations tied to exploration, conquest, the future and the ambition to go far.


Common rooms

Drawing inspiration from artists Tatsuya Tanaka and Christopher Boffoli, we represented a sort of illustrated micro-world inside the real one to decorate, for example, the break area. Here the graphic elements are deliberately disproportionate and the scenes surreal, to communicate a tone that’s ironic and carefree.


For the glass we chose a pattern that recalls the basic structure of the illustration, axonometry.

The Moskito Design team has created graphics that convey the values of our brand by integrating them very naturally with existing physical elements. Their work was immediately appreciated by our colleagues.

Eliana Bugini, Brand & Communication Specialist, Sodexo Italy.

From idea to application

With the designs approved, we had to select the right materials. From our own on-site study of the available space we decided on decals for application on glass surfaces as well as on walls.

To create the graphics we worked closely with Sodexo’s own printer. Which also meant we could optimize time and costs by integrating existing graphic elements with these new ones for a seamless final result.

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