Sprucing up the office for Varese Design Week

Sprucing up the office for Varese Design Week

With three years of hybrid working under our belts, we wanted to give everyone a reason to feel good about being back in the office. So we asked our friends at Varese Design Week to lend a hand.


I’ve always thought our office is a wonderful place to work in. Spacious, comfortable and bright, it’s always a great place to get together. But this Varese Design Week (21-26 March 2023), we took “great” to a whole new level.

For the occasion, we decked the walls with pop and street art from our neighborhood LOVESPOT Galleries. To this we added three beautiful fish-filled aquariums from specialists Amtra Alux by Croci.

And I must admit: an office filled with art and aquariums is a much nicer place to work.

Nothing starts the day off better than stepping into a place filled with beauty. And nothing is more inspiring than momentarily losing yourself in the contemplation of art, or colorful fish gliding by in their aquariums.



Sharing physical spaces

The idea of temporarily sprucing up the place started with our HR manager Elena Cavalieri D’Oro. Her goal was to give new life and energy to a space that inevitably felt more than a bit empty throughout the Covid restrictions.

I’ve been working as Junior Copywriter at Moskito Design for two years now. This means I arrived here in the middle of the pandemic. It was months before I spent time in the office or met my colleagues in person. And even then I may never get the traditional office experience of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

That’s because Giulia Salvioni and Evelina Borghesan, the company’s founders and CEOs, have always believed in the importance of smart working – and the last three years have only accelerated this shift. Today, as part of the company’s generous hybrid work policy, we’re only required to be in the office five days a month.

It’s a brave, forward-looking choice with a lot of perks, and a policy we all appreciate. But it has also forced us to rethink our workspaces and the meaning of getting together.


Art & appetizers

It was to fully experience the office energy and to spend some quality time together that our collaboration with the Varese Design Week started out this year. Intrigued by the works of art and the aquariums, for the whole week we all had one more reason to go to the office rather than work from home.

It all culminated in an exciting happy hour in our office on Thursday, 23 March. It was an occasion to get together, welcome curious guests and listen to what the organizers of this all had to say.


At Moskito we’ve adopted a smart working model that lets us work mainly remotely, and we like to give our people the freedom to choose where to do it from. But we also understand the importance of getting together to keep the team spirit high, which is one of our strengths. This initiative is an incentive for people to choose to come back to work in our office more often, in order to nurture social relations while surrounded by art and beauty.

Elena Cavalieri D’Oro, HR Manager, Moskito Design


With her introductory speech, Elena explained how our collaboration with LOVESPOT Galleries and Varese Design Week was based on a shared courage to break the mold. When Barbara Bondesan, LOVESPOT Galleries founder, took the floor, she told us more about the artists behind the work we’d gotten to know throughout the week. Welsh Pure Evil, with his iconic tears. TVboy, the provocateur from Sicily. The Como-born ex-manager Mr. Savethewall. And the French, globally-recognized, Mr. Brainwash.



Every day beautiful, today more than ever

All this art perfectly matches the philosophy of our agency, which thrives on daily doses of beauty. During the event, Giulia recalled the meaning of our long-held motto Every day beautiful.


We believe not only in beauty for beauty’s sake, but also in the beauty of working together and making every day special – for ourselves, our employees and our clients.

Giulia Salvioni, founder and CEO, Moskito Design


I believe that’s exactly what makes our agency so special: we care about people’s well being, every day, even when work is hybrid. This well being includes being free to choose where to stay, along with nurturing interpersonal relationships and the sense of community, which we’re constantly kindling thanks to initiatives like this.


And it’s only the beginning

Luckily for us, the Varese Design Week event was just a foretaste of what awaits us in the near future. Giulia, Evelina and Elena have many ideas for giving new life to our office and creating new occasions to get together, in the spirit of beauty.

Francesca is a junior Copywriter and Content Manager at Moskito Design. She's fluent in Russian and English, loves Soviet films, and can't get why some people don't love cats.