Video marketing: 23 reasons why now’s the time to start

Video marketing: 23 reasons why now’s the time to start

You might have noticed that video marketing is a thing. A really big thing. But recent study by Buffer found that 25% of companies still haven’t added video marketing to their marketing mix

Whether you’re in that 25%, or one of the 85% of marketers the same study found plan to create more video marketing content this year, here are 23 reasons to give you encouragement that now’s the time to invest ― or keep investing ― in video.

1. We now have the tools and means to watch video everywhere

As Luc Benyon of contextual video experts video intelligence told me when I talked to him recently, “Globally, suddenly, everyone’s consuming video: in the tram, in the kitchen, whilst watching TV. A combination of factors has made this possible: unlimited data plans, data regulation that made streaming cheaper and devices capable of streaming high definition video.”

2. We already watch a lot of video, a number that’s going up in Italy

According to the We are social/Hootsuite Digital in 2018 report, 54% of Italians reported watching video every day (and an additional 22% once a week). These numbers are a huge increase in daily video from last year, when only 31% said the same.

3. Video consumption is predicted to keep going up for years

Cisco has predicted that by 2021 video traffic will be 82% of all global consumer internet traffic, and that it will take a mind-boggling “5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2021”.

4. More of us use smartphones, and smartphone users watch more video

While mobile penetration in Italy has remained relatively stable, there is a continued increase in the number of adult Italians using smartphones ― from 70% to 73% in the last year. And Facebook found that smartphone users are 1.5x more likely to consume online video daily than computer users.

5. More of us are using social media in Italy, where video stars YouTube and Facebook dominate

People using social media actively on mobile grew by 7% ― or 2 million people. And active social media usersacross all devices grew by 10%. YouTube and Facebook, two sites both highly committed to video, continue to rank as the two websites with the most traffic after

6. Millennials particularly love video ― in mass quantities

Facebook reported that 61% of millennials said they binge-watched video (watching a large number of videos in a row).

7. People want to see video from brands they like

Hubspot found that globally 54% of people want to see video from a business or brand they support (although the number was less, at 34%, for social video).

8. And their appetite is far from satisfied

Hubspot also found that 53% of people want even more video from brands they like.

9. People prefer video to static content

When asked which they find more entertaining, people were 86% more likely to choose video over static (image or text) ads.

10. Video keeps your attention longer than static content

According to a Facebook-commissioned study, people gaze 5x longer at video than static content across Facebook and Instagram.

11. Video increases engagement over other forms of posts on Facebook

Video engagement is higher than static social posts, at 7.69% to 4,63% (and vs. an average of 3.93% engagement).

12. But video marketing isn’t just for social media

While everybody talks about social media, a survey by Vidyard found corporate websites were still the most popular distribution channel for video 78% of companies published video to their site while 72% used social media and 36% emails).

13. People consume video marketing more thoroughly than other marketing content

When people were asked if they “consume thoroughly” or “skim” content, 62% said they consume video thoroughly (vs. 56% for social media posts, 44% for email content + 27% for blog articles).

14. Branded video marketing is more memorable than other types of content

Hubspot found that branded video content was rated consistently more memorable by all age categories than either branded photo, written or audio content.

15. Especially when targeting is done right

Google found that Intent-based targeting with video ads compared to demographic targeting alone resulted in 20% higher ad recall and 50% higher brand awareness.

16. Overall video ad viewability is increasing in Italy

While the definition of a video view ― how long, and much, and by whom ― has at times been controversial, what is clear is that viewability is getting better. Google found that in Italy 72% of video ads are viewable, an increase of 14% from the previous year.

17. Watching even 1 second is enough to increase brand recall

Whether a “view” is counted as 2 seconds, or 3 seconds, or 30, it may take even less than that to make an impression. One study by Facebook & Nielsen found that watching a video for less than one second showed an increase in ad recall, brand awareness and purchase intent. And the lift continued the longer people watched the ad.

18. Online video has a multiplier effect on brand recall from TV ads

Another Nielsen study found that seeing a short-form online video ads before watching a TV ad produces a big jump in recall metrics: brand recall increases by 32%, likeability by 40%, and message recall by a full 50%.

19. Watching video influences purchase decisions

53% of Italians reported buying a product after having watched a promotional video online, while Google reports that 68% of people watch YouTube to help make a purchase decision.

20. Video is good for building your brand on other social media channels, too

Twitter’s Global Director of Video & Agencies, Ryan Moore recently declared that video is probably the best way to build your brand on our platform.” (And not just for other brands, but for Twitter itself: the company’s first-ever quarterly profit has been attributed to its pivot to video.)

21. Mobile video ads can catch people’s attention when they’re not watching TV

As Mark Rabkin of Facebook demonstrated in a blog post last year, Facebook use spiked at the commercial breaks during the premiere of a popular TV show. People today multiscreen, and video advertising is one great way of grabbing attention when and where it’s focused.

22. But a lot of marketers already are convinced. Which is why video ad spend is increasing

A massive 85% of marketers interviewed by Buffer said they would create more video marketing content in 2018.

23. And more marketers are trying it for the first time

And according to a Wyzowl survey 2 out 3 marketers who didn’t use video marketing last year intend to start using it in 2018.


So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to dive into video marketing than now.


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